SEWPCA Young Judges / NPS Young Judges

Would anybody interested in taking part in these two competitions this year, please get in touch with me (Angela) as soon as possible as I am trying to arranging suitable education this year for you. This will hopefully come in the form of visiting a few different studs, together with gaining judging training from a variety of new and older judges. This will need you to be available to attend these events and move forward into also shadowing a judge or two, if we are able to arrange it insurance wise, at a show or two. This is why I am asking you to register your interest as soon as possible so that this can be put into practise.

Contact Angela by e-mail or telephone 01580 211747


WPCS Performance Competition, run by Mrs Jo Filmer, for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

Please get in touch and register with us that you would like to be in a SEWPCA team in this competition to, you do have to be entering the competition itself to be able to do this. We normally have a team or two each year in support of this competition.

Contact me by e-mail or telephone 01580 211747

From Emily Kember – joint chief steward and membership secretary, and Gemma Kent – association secretary.       

Young Stewards Scheme

The SEWPCA Committee would like to introduce a wonderful new scheme for the younger members to play a vital role in the running of our 3 shows. Following the successful Facebook post, we have decided to progress with the programme with the 1st event being our Foal Show in November later this year. We would like to invite our younger members, aged between 12 – 18 years old to volunteer with Assisting our main stewards in November and in return we shall offer them a free Lunch and some guided training.  This scheme can be offered on a short-term arrangement (1 show) or if help can be given at all 3 of the SEWPCA Shows then as a Thankyou we shall gift the Young Person Free Membership for the following year. If this is something that would interest you or the young person in your household then please get in contact with Gemma Kent or Emily Kember. We shall also be including it in our Foal show Schedule where you can register your interest there.  We hope this new scheme will give the younger generation an insight into the usual running’s of a show setup and encourage volunteering in future. This will play a crucial role for Young Judges to help gain more experience in the ring but will also be of some benefit to members not interested in Judging but would still like to help. The organisers will help as much as possible to balance this around any showing commitments. Please help spread the word and encourage members to support this event